About DRBA


Dolores River Boating Advocates promotes responsible recreational use and balanced flow management of the Dolores River, while working to protect the watershed for the health of the natural environment and the livelihood of future generations.

Dolores River Board Retreat

We work to protect and enhance the environmental and recreational integrity of the Dolores River through stewardship, advocacy, partnerships and outreach. Our group is your source for Dolores River boating and conservation information. Based in Dolores, Colorado, we represent boating enthusiasts, guides, outfitters, anglers and people who simply love this river–and who have a stake in protecting flows in the river and preserving its unique ecosystem below McPhee Reservoir.

With the initial support of American Whitewater, Dolores River Boating Advocates (DRBA) formed in the spring of 2011. Originally known as Lower Dolores Boating Advocates, we changed our name in November of 2012 to reflect our passion for the whole Dolores River.  We have a Board of Directors, one staff person, and many supporters in the region and beyond. Dolores River Boating Advocates seek to be: 1) a strong voice for boaters and river enthusiasts in the region; 2) a resource for information about conservation efforts, including a legislative campaign to protect it; 3) advocates and stewards for the river.

We are an American Whitewater affiliate club, an organization that works to protect whitewater resources across the U.S. In addition, we are supported by and part of the Friends Grassroots Network, a group of non-profit organizations advocating for the National Conservation Lands, which are composed of some of the BLM’s most scenic and treasured lands in the West. In our region, the Dolores River flows through some of these lands, including the Dolores River Canyon, Sewemup and The Palisade wilderness study areas.

As a grass-roots group of conservation-minded whitewater enthusiasts, we work to inform paddlers and the wider community about the need to protect the Dolores River and its many contributions to our region’s quality of life. We invite you to join Dolores River Boating Advocates.

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