We are excited to announce that you can now buy the the 2017 Interim Dolores River Guide!

The guide is available at Four Corners 4Corners Riversports website and at Colorado Love Outdoors in Cortez

This interim guide covers the 96 miles from Bradfield Recreation Area to Bedrock, including the location of over 130 potential camps identified over the years by the BLM river rangers. Because the Dolores River has not seen much use since 2011 many of these camps may be overgrown and difficult to easily identify. This interim guide includes observation made by DRBA and the BLM in 2016 related to the camps that we could identify and survey. This guide also includes the location of know rapids, other river features, directions to put-ins, and BLM requirements.

This professionally printed interim black and white, non-waterproof guide is printed on 8 ½ x 11 office paper and is stapled together. The production is better than you could do at home.

In the absence of an official waterproof Dolores River Guide, the Dolores River Boating Advocates (DRBA) in partnership with RiverMaps LLC and the Tres Rios BLM have created this interim guide. DRBA began the process of creating a new river guide during the 2016 river season when survey crews collected observations on camps and other features. RiverMaps LLC and DRBA’s goal is to produce an official waterproof guide for the entire Dolores River in time for the 2018 river season. Until that point, we hope that this guide will help you get down the river.

Funds from sales of this temporary guide will go towards producing the official Dolores River Guidebook for 2018.

Many thanks to RiverMaps LLC for donating the time to make the maps and 4Corners Riversports, and Colorado Love Outdoors for distributing this guide .

Many boaters requested an downloadable PDF of the guide.  DRBA and RiverMaps LLC decided that the info was too precious to distribute our work in that manner.

DRBA want you to love, appreciate and support the Dolores River!

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