SLICKROCK RIVER ACCESS (April 24th).  The Dolores River Boating Advocates have worked with the land owners at Slick Rock to open access to the river there.  PLEASE be very courteous (We have had a few reports of rude behavior… bummer!) Here is the latest info…


  • Location:  On private property downstream of Hwy 141 bridge (bridge crosses Dolores River) about 200+ yards past bridge on river left.  Look for small flagging in bushes on left.  Access is on river left with swift water and not much of an eddy. There is a grassy opening from willows
  • Keeps dogs under voice control or on a leash.  There is livestock on the property very near the boat ramp that must not be bothered by dogs.
  • No cellphone service and no landline available.
  • No bathroom and NO POTABLE WATER is available.
  • All fees are CASH ONLY
  • $8/day to park
  • $5 daily access fee also for folks just accessing river and not parking vehicles.
  • Parking is in the big lot to east of the house.
  • Low clearance vehicles may not be able to access the river.
  • River access is at east end of lot down hill to open grassy area.
  • For vehicles that will be shuttled, DO NOT plan to leave keys with the family at Slickrock.  Make other plans to get keys to shuttle drivers.
  • DO NOT USE THE OLD BOAT RAMP on river right upstream of bridge; that is private property and is not accessible this season.
  • Please understand that almost all of the river property at Slickrock is private property and the families there are very graciously working with DRBA and the boating community to open up their land and river access for us all to have safe and convenient access to the river.
  • Your great respect and courtesy are appreciated at Slickrock.  Thanks!!


  1. Hello, any suggestions on where we can camp the night before launching at Slickrock on Apr 16? I don’t know if camping is permitted at Slickrock and I do not want to cause any issues with the landowner. Thanks for the work you are doing and support that you provide. Certainly getting a great return on my investment/donation. Thanks again

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