Release to Hinder Non-Native Small Mouth Bass

The Dolores Water Conservation District has announced that there will be a small volume short release from McPhee Reservoir next week to, “hinder non-native Small Mouth Bass (SMB) spawning down river.” The release is primarily for ecological reasons, but boaters in small crafts (canoe, kayak or IK) could make a run at the planned levels. The DWCD announcement included these details, “Releases below McPhee will remain at 78 CFS through this weekend and start rising Monday morning.  Starting from 78 CFS at 8:00 AM Monday the releases will rise to 450 CFS by midnight 12:00 AM Tuesday July 11.  The releases will remain at 450 CFS through 4:00 PM Thursday July 13.  Then the flows will ramp back down to 78 CFS by early Friday morning (4:00 AM).”

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