Of Native Fish, Farmers and Floating Boats

Dan Randolph, executive director of San Juan Citizens Alliance, shares his thoughts on the efforts to improve conditions in the Dolores River for native fish species.  His regular column, “Thinking Green,” appears in the Durango Herald.  This piece from September 26, 2012 highlights the work of the Implementation Team and provides a link to the Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation Plan for Native Fish.

McPhee DamThe boating community has been closely involved in this process, through the work of Nathan Fey of American Whitewater.  DRBA strongly recommends reading the discussion of Spill Management that begins on page 34 of the full plan, not the overview.  These proposed changes in dam operations will directly affect the boating season and will hopefully benefit the native fish species and the overall health of the river.  Check out the hydrographs (p. 42-45) and the associated explanation.  They reflect an attempt to design releases to more closely resemble a natural pattern and to improve flows for whitewater boating!

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