More trouble for native fish

This article recently appeared in the Cortez Journal (8/26/13) discussing the lethal impacts that silt buildup, from lack of a natural flow regime, along with flash flooding have on native fish.  Check out this article and leave a comment!


  1. To me this is another reminder from Mother Nature about what the fish scientists have been telling us for over 2 years now. Our diversion of water out of the river channel (and out of the Dolores basin) is wreaking havoc on the complex web of life that relies on that water. It seems like we’re sitting on a time bomb! How many more dead fish will it take before we see some real change in the way we use water? The science is pretty clear, and here’s an equation that we can all understand: low reproduction success + aging fish population + predation by non-native species + low water (loss of habitat) = bad news.
    I know there has been a lot of hard work by the Implementation Team to change the way water is released when there is “excess” from a big snow year. But lately we haven’t seen too many of those. Our current allocation math creates scenarios where the fish and other non-consumptive river users pay the price for our obsession with growing hay in a semi-arid climate.
    I doubt the fish realize how things have changed on paper. We should send them a report from the Implementation Team. Then again, they’re probably too busy gasping for air to have time to read it.

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