Fish and Flows

Implementation Team Releases Plan

On Monday, February 11, 7:00 pm at the Mancos Public Library, Dolores River Boating Advocates will host a forum with members of the Implementation Team.  This meeting will provide the whitewater boating community a chance to learn more about the Team’s plan for improving conditions for native fish species in the lower Dolores River.  And the Team wants to hear from us!   Do your homework, read their report, and bring your questions and concerns.  The format of the meeting is designed to encourage discussion in small groups and ask questions of the Implementation Team members.  Please join us!

The Implementation Team has been working on developing management strategies to address the recommendations of fish scientists hired by the Lower Dolores Plan Working Group.  Of special interest to the whitewater community is the new set of hydrographs developed to manage releases from McPhee reservoir.  These new spill guidelines will directly impact the whitewater boating season on the Dolores!  The hydrographs model release scenarios for four spill volumes, and each represents an effort to return a more natural shape to flows.  That’s good news for the fish and a more variable boating experience for us.  And hopefully, we can rely on this to figure out the volume and timing of releases to plan our trips!

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