Dangerous “Strainer” Removed on Upper Dolores

A big thank you to DRBA volunteers and board members who were able to respond quickly to a dangerous situation on the upper Dolores River.  On Tuesday, May 21 we received a report from a supporter who had launched earlier that day from Bear Creek. He informed us that a tree had fallen across the river one mile upstream of Stoner Ranch.  Even though it was clearly visible from a good distance upstream, it presented a treacherous obstacle to raftersand kayakers.

We alerted the media by writing a letter to the editor of the local paper but quickly realized that the danger warranted quick action.  A crew of 11assembled Friday morning, May 24 and floated down to the tree from Bear Creek.  With hand saws and rigging equipment, they were able to safely remove the obstacle.

This incident is a good reminder that even the “mellow” stretches of the river above the reservoir can present hazards.  Please be safe out there!  Watch out for natural and human-made obstacles.  Scout anything you are not sure about.  Report dangerous situations to DRBA, and we can help spread the word and address the problem.  Thanks to our fantastic board members and volunteers who quickly responded to this challenge!  It’s a great example of the good stewardship work that can be done by an organized group of committed, passionate people.

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