A Call to Action!

Native Fish imagesNow is your chance to advocate for the Dolores River!  The Implementation Team has been soliciting feedback about their Plan for improving conditions for native fish species in the lower Dolores River.  Their Plan includes changes in spill management that will directly affect the whitewater boating season.  We have been following their work closely and keeping you informed about proposed changes to the operation of McPhee dam.  Now it’s your turn to speak up.  The IT is accepting comments until the end of March about their Plan.  They hope to use public comments to improve future versions.

DRBA’s board of directors has submitted a detailed letter to the IT outlining our support for some parts of the Plan and detailing where we feel it needs more work.  You can read our letter here:  DRBA Comments to IT.  And if you haven’t already, read the overview of the Plan or the IT’s full report here.  We encourage you to write your own letter to the Implementation Team and email it to Mike Preston (mpreston@frontier.net) and Peter Mueller (pmueller@tnc.org) before the end of March.

This is an important opportunity for the boating community to weigh in on the management of the Dolores River.  If we don’t speak up, the IT will only hear the voices in the community who care little about the health of the Dolores River!

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