Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors

IMG_3764We have eight dedicated Dolores River enthusiasts on our Board of Directors who meet monthly.  “The Board” discusses issues, activities, and events that involve the Dolores River.  If you would like to attend a board meeting to discuss an issue or activity, please let us know.  You can contact any of our Board Members, or email our Program Coordinator at

DRBA is seeking a new Board Member for our Crew!  Please review the following document for specifics: Board Member Recruitment

Sam Carter,  President and Board Member since 2013

Sam Carter, Vice President and Board Member since 2013

I started boating on rivers in the Ozarks when I was about 12; lots of lake boating too in Southern Illinois where I grew up.  Floated the Lochsa in Idaho with my Dad when I was 16 and fell for the whitewater of the intermountain west.  Really learned to boat while guiding teenage trips on the San Juan; all the other rivers of the 4 Corners followed.  And of course the Dolores is my favorite.  Mountain country water running through those magnificent Ponderosa trees and red rocks, a confluence with its peer the San Miguel, and then the mighty Colorado.  Powerful river corridor.   Will it run again???  Bring on the release!!

Josh Munson, Vice President and Founding Board Member
IMG_0544I first fell out of a boat on the Colorado and Yampa Rivers as a teenager.  Baptism in a river is the way to go! My love of rivers peaked after moving to Dolores, Colorado in 2003.  River fever sets in hard when you can hear her sing night after night. Of all the rivers I have been fortunate to run, the Dolores is my favorite. From the alpine start, through the Ponderosas and twisting canyons, and out to the desert her course cannot be beat. When she flows, you will find me there.
Wade Hanson, Former President and Founding Board Member

Wade Hanson, President and Founding Board MemberI started boating in 2006 on the Dolores River, first in a duckie, then in my 13′ raft, the “Lil Robin”……the biggest little gear boat around!I love the diversity and seclusion of the Dolores river. It flows from alpine to desert habitat and it’s all beautiful. Dancing with the Dolores is my first love, though I get on any river I can in the Four Corners states (so far).

Tracie Hughes, Board Member since 2012

Andy Hutchinson, Founding Board Member

I was fortunate enough to float the Rio Dolores in the pre-dam era, first trip in 1981. It was also Andy Hutchinson, Co-Secretary and Founding Board Membermy first time to camp on a river and in the spectacular “wilderness setting” of Slickrock Canyon, the meandering marvel of Entrada Sandstone, cedar and oak greenery. It will be forever etched in my mind of how a river and canyon embraces you to the core. May our generation and our grand-kids be able enjoy this spectacle of the natural world. I will always hold rivers as my church, thanks to the Dolores. Let’s all help spread the gospel.

Jay Loschert, Former Program Coordinator and Founding Board Member

I cut my river teeth paddling the slow-moving, muddy rivers of Ohio with my dad. A few years ago when he told me that a whitewater rafting trip was at the top of his bucket list, I knew I had to take him on a Dolores River trip. Knowing how risky it is to bet on a release from McPhee, I planned a back up trip. As his flight from Florida to Durango approached, I followed the release forecast closely. A day before our launch date, we still had no clear indication that we wIMG_1776ould see any boatable flows. We were forced to scrap our Dolores plans and settle for plan B. It was a fine trip, but lacked the wilderness experience and thrilling whitewater that my dad was hoping for.  That was the moment I knew I had to get involved with saving the Dolores River and making sure my own kids get to experience this world class river trip.

Jane Dally, Board Member since 2013
I started boating in 1986 with an emphasis on whitewater canoe expeditioning, mostly in the North – Canada, Alaska, the Arctic. Today, I am mostly a rafter and me and my raft croppedloving it! The Dolores River was the first river I boated when I moved to the Four Corners area in 2011, and I fell in love with it. The Dolores, to me, is about wild-ness, extraordinary beauty and community. As a DRBA Board Member, I am most excited about environmental stewardship of the river corridor, as well as educating the public about the river’s significance and exciting them into action for the protection and preservation of this amazing gift we have in our own backyard!

Erin Neer, Board Member since 2015


My first river trip was in 2012 with my family. I am lucky enough to have my husband Jeramie, who was a former guide based in Salida, as my own personal trip leader. Our first trip was with our two sons at the ages of 5 and 3. We took the boys down the San Juan River and it was just amazing. That summer we logged almost 100 river miles, including a few trips on the San Juan, the Chama and the Colorado. The past couple of years we have gotten several runs in down the Dolores River, taking new families with us to experience the river. With the spring rains and high water in 2015, Jeramie even launched from our backyard up near Rico – that was a first in our 10 years of living on the Dolores River and a “bucket list” item for him for sure. Rivers are now something our whole family treasures. I look forward to a year when we can boat the lower Dolores together (even if the boys & I have to walk around Snag!).