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11th Annual Great Outdoors Silent Auction


Don’t miss this incredible annual event on Friday, April 24th at the Dolores Community Center from 5:30-10pm. This is a benefit for the Dolores River Festival, brought to you by Greater Dolores Action. Come bid on amazing outdoor gear and other fabulous items.

Dolores River Flows Discussion

Are you wondering about the status of the Dolores River and McPhee Reservoir? Join us for a panel discussion about Dolores River flows on Thursday, May 14 from 6-8 PM at the Dolores Library. Our panel will include Nathan Fey from American Whitewater, Matt Clark from Trout Unlimited, Ken Curtis of Dolores Water Conservancy District, and Sam Carter with Dolores River Boating Advocates. We’ll hear about the management plan for McPhee for 2015, and discuss the flows situation in relation to recreation. And YOU will have a chance to ask questions and participate in the discussion. Don’t miss this important conversation. For more information on the water management of McPhee Reservoir, listen to April’s edition of THE RIVER TRIP on KSJD Community Radio.

If you missed the meeting, but would like to hear it, tune it in here. The meeting began with Ken Curtis of Dolores Water Conservancy District. Nathan Fey of American Whitewater begins at about 37 minutes into the audio below, Matt Clark of Trout Unlimited can be found at 1 hour and 6 1/2 minutes, and Sam Clark of DRBA wrapped up the show starting at 1 hour and 30 minutes. Enjoy!

DRBA Board Member Search

If you are interested in getting deeply involved with DRBA, please consider a position on our Board of Directors or our Advisory Board.  We are actively seeking a Board Member with financial expertise.  Quickbook 2012 experience is of particular interest.  For more information about the position, please review the following document: Board Member Recruitment.

One more rally!

We are at the finale of the river fence pilot project.  We need a few more hands THIS SATURDAY, November 8th, in Dolores to install the hanging PVC pipe for the second river fence.  Then we will be wrapping up the fences for the winter. (*They will NOT be up during the spring boating season. The fences will be stored for the winter, and put back up next grazing season.) We really appreciate everyone who has helped with this pilot project, and all of the positive sentiment and encouragement for making the river safer.  Let’s enjoy a great river work day, followed by pizza and beer at the brew pub.  Please contact us at:, or 970-560-5486 for details about Saturday.

Upper Dolores River Fence, part 2

Join us on the Dolores River NEXT TUESDAY, OCTOBER 21st to help with the second boater-friendly cattle fence above the town of Dolores. We need several volunteers to help string the PVC pipe fence. For more details and to sign up, please contact Lee-Ann at 970-560-5486 or email

San Juan Service Trip

The much-anticipated San Juan River Fall Service Trip is scheduled for October 26th-30th. Boats and a cleanup crew are needed to remove trash from the San Juan River, and to work on invasive species removal. This trip is focused on Sand Island to Mexican Hat. Do a good river deed and have an incredible float all in one! For more info, please contact Tim Hunter at Spaces are limited, so contact him today if you are interested!

Dolores River Clean-Up Day Announced!

Dolores River Boating Advocates and Dolores River Anglers will be hosting a river clean-up on Saturday, September 27th from 9 to 11:30 am with a complementary BBQ to follow.  Please join us for this important stewardship opportunity which is taking place on National Public Lands Day, which is a great day to show your love for the river!

Join Us For a Restoration Project on the Dolores River

Please join us on Friday, September 26th for a restoration project in the Dolores River Canyon WSA. We’ll be working with the Dolores River Restoration Partnership and local students on a tamarisk removal project.  The project is on the North side of the WSA, and accessible from the Bedrock area.  More details forthcoming.  To volunteer, please contact Lee-Ann at 970-560-5486, or  Thanks!

Help Us Build a River Fence!

We need volunteers and materials to build a river fence on the Upper Dolores River!  Tentative project dates are July 31-August 2nd (Thursday-Saturday).  We will be constructing a boater-friendly cattle fence on the Lightenberger property just North of the town of Dolores.  This fence will provide safe river passage when the river rises during Monsoons.  We sure could use your help!  Please contact Lee-Ann at 970-560-5486 or for more information and to sign-up as a volunteer or to donate.

Public Hearing on Monday for the Dolores River Valley Plan

Please attend the Public Hearing for the Dolores River Valley Plan on Monday, July 7th at 1:30 PM at the County Annex at 106 West North Street in Cortez. The Dolores River Valley Plan supports water quality, and the quality of life that we enjoy in the Dolores Valley and throughout Montezuma County. The Plan was created and vetted by citizens and community leaders alike during an extensive, multi-year process. Voice your support, ON RECORD, for keeping the plan in place!

For more information, please visit the following facebook page: Dolores River Valley Plan-Vote no changes. More background can also be found at the following links, and in a compelling letter from former Montezuma County Commissioners which is pasted below.

Former commissioners comment on DRVP
June 30, 2014
By 4cfp
Four former Montezuma County commissioners have sent a letter to the current board regarding the Dolores River Valley Plan. A public hearing to determine whether to alter or throw out one key element of the plan, its density-limiting system, has been set before the commission on Monday, July 7, at 1:30 p.m. in the county annex.

The following is the text of the former commissioners’ letter:

Montezuma County Commission

Ref: Dolores River Valley Plan

Pursuant to the commissioners’ upcoming public hearing on the DRVP, scheduled for Monday, July 7, 2014, we would like to submit the following comments as part of the public record.

All land-use plans should be reviewed from time to time by the appropriate policy maker, and the DRVP is no exception. What often occurs over time, however, is a loss of the historical perspective on why certain aspects of a plan were either initiated, and/or adopted. The DRVP is a case in point.

In the late 1990s, prior to the formation of the DRV planning group, an investment group met with the commissioners seeking a high-impact permit to develop a “Tamarron Style” development at Stoner. The master plan included an 18-hole golf course, lodge, condos, and home sites, all strategically located in relative close proximity to the Dolores River. Purchase of the Stoner ranch property, and a smaller parcel from Redburn ranch, was contingent on an approved permit from the county. Although LIZ was in place, and certain guidelines under the high-impact permit could be addressed, it became readily apparent that the potential impact of such a development on the ecology of the DRV, and watershed, far exceeded any regulatory measures the county had in place. The task for the commissioners was to make sure that whatever contingencies we put in place, would assure that there would be no negative effects to either the watershed or water quality, in the short or LONG term. Following several months of discussion, the proposal was dropped because of a loss of investment funding.

The lesson learned from this experience was that we needed a LONG-range plan for dealing with the Dolores River Valley. The valley is not just another piece of real estate in Montezuma County, it provides the life blood of our whole county, WATER. Some recent measures had been adopted to help maintain good water quality, e.g., engineered septic systems, but what potential impacts could come from increased residential and commercial development?

It became the unanimous decision of the commission to be PRO-ACTIVE on this important issue, rather than taking a re-active posture on any future negative impacts on the resource. Thus, the Dolores River Valley Planning group was created. It was comprised of representatives from the Town of Dolores, large- and small-acreage owners in the Dolores Valley, and citizens from other parts of the county. The Dolores River Valley becomes an integral part of every citizen in the county.

The working group was charged with examining every aspect of the Dolores River watershed, current and potential density levels, and resultant impacts on water quality, channelization, riparian areas, and flooding. Following the assimilation of all this data, they were to find a consensus among the group in formulation of a plan which would provide for development, but also protect the integrity of the watershed for years to come.

The plan took better than two years to complete, numerous meetings with a variety of resource personnel. The plan was reviewed by the Planning Commission, the commissioners, then a Public Hearing for input, followed by amendments, then adoption.

Although no land-use plan is perfect, there was a real effort to find a balance between property-owner rights, and the protection of the watershed resource, for now and into the future. Mechanisms were designed to allow for heavier density, TDRs, while still maintaining a maximum development potential. Set-back standards are always controversial, but rivers are not static, and channel migration is always occurring. A structure built 30 feet from the river today, may be threatened by natural migration in 20 years.

In reviewing the DRVP, and debating the merits of TDRs, set-back standards, density levels, and other components of the plan, I urge you to consider what is in the best interest of the Dolores River watershed, and all of the citizens of Montezuma County dependent on this valuable resource.

Respectfully Submitted,

G. Eugene Story

Kent Lindsay

Kelly Wilson

Dewayne Findley

Former Montezuma County Commissioners

2014 Dolores River & McPhee Operations Meeting

Join us on TUESDAY, MAY 6th at 6:30 PM at the Dolores Community Center for a panel discussion on reservoir and river management for 2014.  You’ll have the chance to hear about flow management and ask questions to representatives from the Bureau of Reclamation, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Dolores Water Conservancy District, and Dolores River Boating Advocates.

Dolores River Valley Plan Meeting

The Montezuma County Board of County Commissioners will conduct a public hearing for reviewing and determining proposed amendments to the Montezuma County Land Use Code, as recommended by the Planning and Zoning Commission Board. Amendments include, but are not limited to the following: a proposed definition of structure and proposed structures that would be exempted from the setback regulations to the Dolores River streambank; and, variance standard procedures for any type of variance request from county regulations.

The hearing will be held Tuesday, November 12, beginning at 1:30 p.m. in the Commissioner’s Hearing Room, 109 West Main, Cortez.

Please fill out the Dolores River Setback Questionnaire

A questionnaire regarding the above proposed amendments can be found at:, or via the Montezuma County Website under “Special County Interests.”


Dolores River Boating Advocates VolunteersThere are many opportunities to help out with Dolores River Boating Advocates. We are currently seeking new board members. We host public education events, Leave No Trace trainings, conduct on-the-river stewardship projects, and much more.

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Learn More - Advocate For RiversBeing informed is the first step is being effective advocates for the river. Find out more about the river, campaigns to protect it, and the National Conservation Lands by visiting these websites:

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Dolores River Boating Advocates relies on contributions from supporters to “keep the boat afloat.”  With a matching grant from Conservation Lands Foundation, every dollar we raise up to $10,000 will be matched!  Our goal is to take full advantage of this opportunity.  Please support our work with a donation today of $100, $50 or whatever amount is right for you.  Your gift will be doubled!  Go to the “Donate” page on this site to give securely online, or click here.  Or mail your check to DRBA at PO Box 1173, Dolores, CO 81323.  Thank you for your help!