The raft-able flows on the Dolores River will begin FRIDAY (March 31st) !!!

Please be sure to read the following updates in planning your trip!

  1. Slickrock Put-in / Take-out Access (Updated 4/24/17)
  2. Bedrock Bridge Travel Update (Updated 3/31/17)
  3. Dolores River Shuttle Services (Updated 4/25/17)
  4. BLM Issues Fire Caution on Dolores (Updated 4/24/17)
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  6. Check the River Flows Update from the DWCD
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Rafting Flows Update

Here is the latest update from the Dolores Water Conservation District (DWCD). “Summary:  A warm March has started the runoff early and driving McPhee elevations up, approaching 6915 and rising.  Therefore we will start ramping up flows this Wednesday March 29, 2017.  McPhee releases will reach 800 CFS by Friday March 31, 2017 and 1,200 CFS by Saturday April 1, 2017.  Updates will start more regularly next Monday.”

Watch for updates from the DWCD at http://doloreswater.com/releases/

Continue to watch the releases below McPhee at http://www.dwr.state.co.us/SurfaceWater/data/detail_graph.aspx?ID=DOLBMCCO&MTYPE=DISCHRG and the gauges to the right.


Slickrock put-in/take-out access will happen on private property downstream of Hwy 141 bridge (bridge crosses Dolores River) about 200+ yards past bridge on river left.  Look for small flagging in bushes on left.  Boat ramp is a left bank with swift water and some grassy openings from willows; not much of an eddy.   Keeps dogs under voice control or on a leash.  There is livestock on the property very near the boat ramp that must not be bothered by dogs.  No cellphone service.  No landline available.  No bathroom.  $8/day to park; daily access fee also for folks just accessing river and not parking vehicles.  Fees will not be charged until about April 5th; prior to that ppl can access river and park without charge.  Parking is big lot to east of the house.  River access is at east end of lot down hill to open grassy area.  For vehicles that will be shuttled, DO NOT plan to leave keys with the family at Slickrock.  Make other plans to get keys to shuttle drivers.  DO NOT use the old boat ramp on river right upstream of bridge; that is private property and is not accessible this season.  Please understand that almost all of the river property at Slickrock is private property and the families there are very graciously working with DRBA and the boating community to open up their land and river access for us all to have safe and convenient access to the river.  Your great respect and courtesy are appreciated at Slickrock.  Thanks!!



Remember that CDOT has bridge work going on at Bedrock that may require short delays for safe passage.  Please see their website at https://www.codot.gov/news/2017-news/march/caution-to-boaters-near-co-90-bedrock-bridge-low-bridge-in-place-through-april-8-intermittent-river-closures-begin-mid-april and look for signs, spotters and other guidance from the contractor, SEMA Construction.  The low bridge for getting equipment across river should be out by March 31.  There might still be delays because of crane work.  Vehicle travel across Dolores River at Bedrock will not be impeded.  Check website above and stop at Bedrock boat ramp for more info.  


Keep the Boat Afloat!

If you aren’t able to make it to the 4th Annual Permit Party, but you share a sweet spot for the Dolores River, please consider DRBA and the work that we do all year long to keep the Dolores River safe and flowing.  We need your support to continue our important work.  In 2016, we hope to see the lower Dolores flow and will maintain those conversations that will encourage balanced use of the river.  We will continue covering river news monthly on  River Radio on KSJD, and we will be screening our Dolores River film by Rig to Flip throughout the West.  We will continue our campsite adoption efforts on the lower Dolores River, and we would also like to create a new Dolores River guide with updated information about campsites and riparian conditions on the upper and lower river.  And we want to continue to grow our youth river stewardship program with more river trips for youth on the Dolores River.  We need your support.  Please consider a contribution.  You can donate right HERE on our website!  We thank you deeply for helping us keep the boat afloat!


The Dolores River is one of Colorado’s most colorful and sublime rivers. Its headwaters begin at approximately 14,000 feet in the San Juan Mountains near Lizard Head Pass. It flows south past the towns of Rico and Dolores, and makes a horseshoe turn at McPhee Reservoir, which was completed in 1987 to divert water for municipal and agricultural uses. Below the reservoir, the river again flows north past the communities of Dove Creek and Gateway. A full 230 miles from its headwaters, it joins the Colorado River in Utah’s red rock desert near Moab.

Much of the river flows through the heart of more than 250,000 acres of wilderness study areas–public lands that are part of the Bureau of Land Management’s National Conservation Lands. The Dolores River Canyon, Sewemup and The Palisade wilderness study areas are among them. Residents in this part of Southwest Colorado are working to ask Congress to protect the Lower Dolores River (the reaches downstream of McPhee Reservoir) as a National Conservation Area and Wilderness. The Dolores River below the reservoir offers one of the country’s longest wilderness river floats–170 miles through unspoiled canyons and forest habitat. It is rich in archaeological resources and unique plant and wildlife habitat.


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